Wildfire Lift Systems: Store and Maintain Your Prized Vehicles

There are a number of different options that are available for consumers in need of automotive lifts, with Wildfire Lift systems representing the top-of-the-line. Whether you are looking for a lift to make working on your car easier, or you need more room to store your classic cars, there are a variety of shapes and sizes that you can consider. We recommend that you put safety first and choose a four-post option, no matter how many cars you have. This option gives you the safety and stability that a two-post model just can’t match.

When choosing an automotive lift, it’s important to consider the various features of each lift model. Whether you’re a car collector with more vehicles than space, want to free up more space in your garage, or need a tool to help with auto maintenance and repair, a lift system can be an effective option.

Your choice will likely be guided by the size and number of cars that you need to store, and Wildfire has some great options for anyone looking to store a small car, SUV, or a lineup of up to four vehicles. All of the Wildfire Lifts models are freestanding and do not require bolting or anchoring which makes it even more convenient for you to position your lift to meet your needs.

  Most Popular Type of Automotive Lift

The four-post automotive lift is the default option for consumers looking for an auto lift as it gives you the stability and flexibility that you want. It also lets you maximize your storage area because you can completely lift your auto and free up the space beneath it. With a two-post option, you won’t be able to get the height that you need to take full advantage of the lift, whereas a four-post lift allows you to stack your cars to meet your spatial needs.

Wildfire Lift Systems

Wildfire Lift systems are known to produce some of the safest and longest lasting lifts, making it the standard company that other brands are measured against. Across their three models, Wildfire Lifts boasts the highest quality on the market, including:

  • 5” x 5” high strength steel posts offer users more stability and support
  • 13 laser-cut locking notches to support various height needs depending on the size of the car
  • Exterior high strength steel sleeves increase safety and stability, while also removing the chance of lock slip
  • High-quality urethane caster wheel set to allow the lift to be moved anywhere as needed
  • 18,000-lb aircraft grade, pre-stretched cables to ensure your vehicle is protected and supported
  • Reinforced high strength steel runways
  • An industry-leading 110V motor with 3HP motor to lift vehicles with plenty of power to back it up
  • 12” x 12” steel base plates that support your vehicle and can be positioned depending on your vehicle’s height

Types of Wildfire Lift Systems

Wildfire Standard

If your storage needs aren’t as complex as others, you may find that a Standard lift system is able to serve your purpose. This is a great option for anyone with a small vehicle, up to a crossover or smaller SUV. If you have limited space, take a look at a Wildfire Standard Lift:

  • 9,000-lb maximum lifting capacity
  • 6’ maximum clearance on top locks

Wildfire XLT

This is the most popular option, able to accommodate both small sports cars as well as full-size pickup trucks. The Wildfire XLT provides:

  • 9,000-lb maximum lifting capacity
  • 6’ 10” maximum clearance on top locks
  • Added 1’ 8” longer than Standard Lift

Wildfire Double Wide

Do you have a two-car garage that really needs to be a four-car facility? This option is perfect for anyone with a car collection who doesn’t have enough space to store them indoors. Take advantage of your vertical space and keep your cars safe and secure with:

  • 10,000-lb maximum lifting capacity
  • 6’ 9” maximum clearance on top locks
  • 16’ 4” wide to lift two vehicles comfortably

Is it time for you to maximize your workspace and free up some room in your garage? Stop in to Tousley Motorsports today to learn more about which Wildlife Lift system is right for you. Our team of professionals can help you find the right equipment for your needs today!