Review of the 2016 Sea Doo GTX Limited 300

The Sea Doo GTX Limited 300 is one of Sea Doo’s top-of-the-line personal watercraft. It combines speed and performance with luxury.

Here’s a look at the 2016 Sea Doo GTX Limited 300:

Packed under the hood of this luxury personal watercraft is the most powerful Rotax engine ever produced, the Rotax 1630 Ace. With 300 HP, the Sea Doo GTX Limited 300 boasts the same size engine as a Camero, producing 15 percent more power than any other PWC model with only 9 percent more displacement. Simply put, you get more horsepower without all the weight of a larger engine.

The Sea Doo GTX Limited 300 comes with a high-performance electric VTS (Variable Trim System) that helps you adjust the angle of the PWC to maximize acceleration and stability. Sea Doo has also included Cruise Control and pre-set trim positions so you can focus on enjoying yourself — or make tow sports easier by holding a consistent speed.

Like the GTI series, the GTX Limited 300 comes with a Closed Loop Cooling System that uses coolant to keep the engine operating at an optimal temperature and prevents corrosion from lake or salt water. Off-Throttle Assisted Steering allows you to maneuver while the engine is in Neutral and even reverse with Sea Doo’s exclusive Intelligent Brake & Reverse (iBR) system.

Sea Doo also features the only true PWC brakes, giving you the ability to stop up to 160 feet sooner than any other personal watercraft.

It’s All in the Details

Sea Doo has gone all out on comfort for the GTX Limited 300. This luxury PWC comes with adjustable handlebars that allow you to lean forward or back, and change the height to fit your body. Sea Doo has also taken the powerful 300 HP engine into account, adding palm rests to handlebars that make it easier to keep your hands relaxed when revving the throttle.

The Sea Doo GTX Limited 300’s seat is cut narrower so riders of all heights can sit in a natural riding position (sitting with your knees flared out can cause back and neck pain). The GTX Limited’s frame wraps around the front of your legs, protecting your knees while you’re blasting through rough water.

The rear stepped seating offers improved support and stability for passengers. A flat multi-person seat can weigh down the PWC and make it harder to handle, while this stepped design lets you take full advantage of the powerful engine and provides more visibility to passengers in the back.

A Truly Versatile Luxury Personal Watercraft

The GTX Limited 300 automatically starts in Touring mode, which has a smooth acceleration to full speed. After you’ve gotten used to the 300 HP (or just want to live on the edge), you can switch off the limitations with Sport mode, which gives you instant access to full power. For a relaxed day on the water, ECO mode gives you smooth acceleration and tops out your speed at around 45 MPH for optimal fuel consumption.

If younger or less-skilled riders want to take the GTX Limited 300 for a spin, the programmable Learning Key can rein them in by limiting the top speed and acceleration.

In addition to high-performance fun on the water, GTX Limited 300 is ideal for tow-sports. It comes standard with wide-angle adjustable mirrors, a built-in ski tow eye, and a fold-down reboarding step. You can also customize this luxury personal watercraft with a retractable ski pylon, wakeboard rack, or a ski module.

The Extras

The Sea Doo GTX Limited 300’s Digital Information Center lets you see the performance of this PWC at a glance. Not only can you see the fuel level, but you can gauge how much time you have left on the water with a display that shows fuel consumption (instant and average) and time/distance to empty. The GTX Limited 300 also displays a compass, a clock, a depth finder and the ambient water temperature.

With the GTX Limited 300, you don’t have to worry about keeping your electronics and supplies dry. The watertight glove box organizer is perfect for protecting your valuables and the removable dry bag converts to a backpack so it’s easy to take clothes and food to-and-from your vehicle.

Sea Doo’s exclusive SPEED TIE™ retractable mooring lines is a feature that is long overdue. Every PWC owner knows the frustration of pulling out tangled mooring lines when you want to tie up somewhere new, as well as having to put wet ropes into limited storage space. With the retractable mooring lines, you pull them out when needed and save the storage space for other essentials. The watercraft also comes with bumpers and a fitted cover to help you keep your PWC looking newer longer.

If you’re looking for a top-of-the line personal watercraft, Sea Doo’s 2016 GTX Limited 300 is a great choice with its unmatched power and spectacular attention to details. Stop by Tousley Motorsports in White Bear Lake to check out this new luxury PWC and to see all the new Sea Doo personal watercraft.