Which Polaris ATV Should You Choose for Trail Riding?

Trail riding can be some of the most enjoyable time you’ll spend in the outdoors with family and friends. You can explore new places, see new sights, and really have an adventure. But you’ll want to take the time to find an ATV that provides you with both fun and comfort.

You’ll also want to consider the capabilities of the ATV you’re looking at, so you can get one that’s able to take on the wide variety of terrain that you could encounter out on the trails. To do that, you’ll want to head to your Polaris dealer, where you can have options to choose from in a trusted brand for off-road vehicles. Here are some of the best and most popular Polaris ATVs to consider.

Polaris Sportsman® 850

With a powerful, 78-hp ProStar engine and a comfortable ride no matter what kind of terrain you’re on, the Sportsman® 850 is one of the best options Polaris has to offer for trail riding. You’ll get true, on-demand all-wheel drive, so you’ll have the traction you want and expect whenever you need it. Trails can be full of twists, turns, and dips, and 11.5 inches of ground clearance offered by the Sportsman® 850 will help ensure that you can clear any obstacles you find in your path.

You can also expect the industry’s only rolled IRS, so you can keep machine vibrations away and have a much smoother ride. This ATV is a great option for riding on your own, so you can get it through tight spaces and along narrow trails to some of the best and most scenic places to enjoy. It has plenty to offer, and any Polaris ATV will give you quality, value, and a strong reputation for fun.

Polaris Sportsman® Touring 570 EPS

This is a two-up vehicle, so you don’t have to be out on the trails on your own. You can ride with a friend or a significant other, and the 44hp, ProStar engine will make sure you can both get there and back with plenty of power. The seating is designed for full support and comfort for both riders, so you won’t be riding in style while your friend has a tiny spot on the back to perch on. You can also take on nearly every obstacle in your path on the Sportsman® Touring 570 EPS, with 11 inches of ground clearance for safety and adventure.

This great ATV offers the industry’s fastest engaging all-wheel drive, allowing you to pull right over obstacles and around corners without the need to stop and make changes. You also get nine gallons of sealed storage, a leading amount in the industry, so you can go on plenty of adventures with the gear you need and keep it safely and securely stored. Electronic power steering makes the ride easier and more convenient, so you don’t have to work as hard and can just get out and enjoy everything your trail ride has to offer.

Polaris Sportsman® Touring XP 1000

If you’re looking for another option to tackle the trails with a friend, the Sportsman® Touring XP 1000 might be the right choice for you. You’ll get extreme performance with an 88hp ProStar engine and plenty of power to tackle even the toughest of trails. Electronic power steering makes it easy to maneuver the ATV where you need it to go, allowing you a faster and more thrilling ride without all the steering work involved.

This ATV offers you plenty of other great features, too, like a quick-engaging, all-wheel drive, and a standard engine braking (EBS) system with active descent control (ADC) so your decelerations are smoother and more fluid. 11.5 inches of ground clearance ensures that you can get across obstacles in your path and through dips in the trail without any problems.

Ready to hit the trails and get started on your next adventure? Visit Tousley Motorsports to find your next ATV to hit the trails. Polaris ATVs are excellent choices for the value and quality they provide, and as your Polaris dealer we want to make sure you’re getting an ATV that’s right for you. Riding by yourself or with friends, choose an ATV that’s going to give you a great trail experience you can remember for a long time, and that’s going to take you where you want to go. Come see us, and let’s find you the right Polaris ATV today.