Bucket List Off-Road Destinations: Windrock Park

There is nothing like gunning the engine on your UTV, feeling the wind in your face, and powering your way over ever-changing terrain. But it gets even better when you take your off-road vehicle across the country and discover the expansive beauty of our nation while fueling your need for adrenaline-pumping fun.

Our bucket list of favorite destinations highlights parks that encourage the use of dirt bikes, ATVs, and side-by-sides. It checks into all four corners of the country from the dunes and flats of Glamis, CA to the grandeur of Johnson Valley to the unending shared trails in the Great North Woods of Maine. Today, we’re checking out the challenge found in the Smoky Mountain area of Tennessee at Windrock Park.

Windrock Park Blends the Best of Off-Road Excitement and Smoky Mountain Charm

This private park includes over 300 miles of wooded trails that wind up and down the mountain, over streams, and pauses at epic overlooks. Located in Oliver Springs, TN, riders from across the country head to Windrock every year to take advantage of the well-maintained trails, family-friendly atmosphere, and breathtaking views as the morning mist lifts from the canopy of trees. The park covers 73,000 acres, leaving plenty of room for every kind of vehicle, hiking, and camping without the crowds and jams found in popular public parks.

Trails for All Ages and Abilities

Load up your trailer and bring the kids as this park offers trail challenges for every age and level of experience. Start with a graveled road that will take you along some of the most beautiful paths that everyone can enjoy. Narrow bike trails offer steep inclines and rocky obstacles. Get muddy in the wet season and tackle some dirt trails that are designed for fun. If you have a 4X4 equipped with rock crawl capabilities, there are paths ready to push your skill and determination to the limit.

Soak in the Scenery During Your Picnic Lunch

Many riders spend several days exploring this vast property and still don’t get to see everything it has to offer. Ride up to the top of the mountain and feel like you’re on top of the world while old mines, railroads, and forgotten paths dot the property. You’re able to wander off in the morning, bring along your food and drink for the day, and return at night while never driving over the same trail twice.

Windrock Bring Riders Across the Country Together with Events

There is almost always something happening every weekend at Windrock Park, and events often extend beyond four-wheel fun. The Spring Shindig kicks off the season with a country music concert. The Fall Jamboree brings together off-road fans and manufacturers for a weekend of demos, new products, and the chance to test out a new ride. The park is available to be rented by groups ready to come together in their own celebration. Does your bride-to-be love to get muddy as much as you do? Windrock Park is even available for weddings.

The Private Park Enforces Rules for Everyone’s Enjoyment and Safety

Since this is a private park and business, there are rules and regulations, along with fees. Admission starts at $20 per person per day—not per vehicle. If you’re staying the week, it’s worth it to buy the annual pass for just about $100. However, the owners put all the money back into the park so that the trails are exceptionally well maintained and the security staff work to ensure every rider is respectful of the land and the other riders. Regulations include bringing your trash with you when you leave (littering will get you ejected from the park), alcohol is prohibited on the trails, and safety gear is required for children (while adults are encouraged to do the same).

Camp On-site or Stay in Nearby Towns

Windrock Park operates their own campground that offers full RV hook-ups, primitive spots for tents, rental cabins, yurts, and communal shelters for big dinner parties. The big bath house helps everybody wash off the mud before gathering around the campfire. The General Store sells land use permits, souvenirs, basic supplies, and snacks, while their gas station helps your machines stay fueled up all week long and even provides ethanol-free fuel. If you’d prefer, you can even rent a side-by-side for the day.

What to Bring

Unlike some other UTV bucket list destinations, you don’t have to dry camp at Windrock, so be sure to pack plenty of water and snacks in a cooler to enjoy throughout the day before returning to your RV. Or, if you’d prefer, restaurants and grocery stores are all within 20 miles of the park. Another pro-tip is to make sure you bring layers of clothing as the trails travel up and down the mountain. If you forget something, Windrock’s General Store and the shops in the surrounding areas will have everything you need for a long weekend of off-roading. Bring your friends and family and get ready for some off-road thrills!

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