The Benefits of Leasing a Can-Am On-Road Vehicle

There are a lot of ways to have fun in the summer sunshine, including getting out on a motorcycle. But for those with physical limitations or height concerns that make putting their foot down at a traffic light difficult, there’s a Can-Am street bike. Here’s what you should consider if you’re thinking about one.

Overview of Can-Am On-Road Vehicles

Can-Am has two models of street bikes: the Ryker and the more popular Spyder. They’re both three-wheeled motorcycles, but unlike many of the “trike” style bikes people think of, Can-Am street bikes have two wheels in the front and a single wheel in the back. The key features of this vehicle are stability control, traction control, and anti-lock braking.

A lot of people gravitate to a Can-Am because it offers a more comfortable and stable ride than a lot of motorcycles. You can also ride it with a passenger behind you, even if the passenger is larger than you, without worrying about the risks with balance issues and weight distribution as you would on a standard motorcycle.

There are three different series of Spyders: the Sport Cruising, Cruiser Touring, and Touring models. The Sport is great for driving around town, with stock accessories and a “sporty feel,” whereas the Touring models are more luxurious for longer treks. While the Cruiser Touring has more features to enjoy, the Touring model is the “fully loaded” version of the Spyder that comes with a number of great features such as reverse, speed-controlled radio volume, and premium accessories.

Another option for a three-wheeled motorcycle is the Can-Am Ryker, which comes in at a lower price tag than the Spyders, with a unique chassis and design, a vehicle stability system, and an automatic transmission. Most Spyders have a manual shift, but a lot of people who ride the Can-Ams enjoy the automatic in Rykers to make things easier.

Leasing a Can-Am Gives You Options

Not everyone who’s considering a Can-Am will want to buy one. You may be wondering whether it’s really for you, or whether you’ll like the experience of riding it. We can help you decide that, by suggesting that you lease a Can-Am instead of paying to purchase. There are some great reasons to do that, and peace of mind is just one of those reasons.

Just keep in mind that you may need a motorcycle license to ride your Can-Am, depending on where you live. Most states want you to have one, and in some states there’s a difference between a two-wheel and three-wheel license. Having your motorcycle endorsement may not be enough, so check your local laws first. Then you can lease your Can-Am and get all the great benefits of doing so, including.

  • Shorter time commitment than buying a new vehicle on payments, and you can test the product for a set number of months before deciding to purchase.
  • Lower monthly payments than you would pay if you purchased, and you can control these payments somewhat by the initial down payment and length of your lease.
  • If you decide not to purchase the vehicle after your lease is up, then you can easily upgrade to something different or simply turn in your keys.

Partner With Tousley Motorsports for Your Can-Am

When you partner with Tousley Motorsports to lease your Can-Am on-road vehicle, you can get the maintenance and support you’re looking for. Depending on whether you’re used to riding two-wheeled motorcycles or you’ve never ridden one before, the level of support you need will be different. But having a trusted company to work with can make a big difference in how you feel about your leased vehicle and how comfortable you are driving it.

Get the most out of leasing your Can-Am at Tousley and be sure to outfit yourself with a new helmet, jacket and biking gloves.

Ready to experience a whole new side of driving? Leasing can give you the opportunity to try before you buy a new 3-wheeler. Let Tousley Motorsports help you decide if Can-Am is right for you.