Hammerhead Go-Karts: The Perfect Family-Friendly Off-Road Vehicle

Is your child constantly begging to visit the go-kart track, or better yet, get their own ride? Go-karting offers a boatload of fun for the whole family that you can easily bring home to unleash the thrill of motorsports in your own backyard. The kids will get outside in the bright sunshine while learning how to safely control a vehicle over off-road courses. You get the adrenaline rush of conquering your own motorsports park featuring tight turns, mud puddles, and plenty of adventure.

Hammerhead Go-Karts Offer Performance and Options for the Whole Family

If you are hunting for the perfect entry-level go-kart, Hammerhead has been producing a complete line of quality karts sized and powered just right for every member of the family. Their innovative approach to building go-karts places safety and style together to create a kart your child will be proud of while it delivers all the fun and excitement they crave. Let’s check out some of their most popular rides designed for your child’s age group.

Safe and Fun for Ages 6 and Up

Your kid has been aching to get on your go-kart, but it’s just not the right size for them. The HH Torpedo® allows them to get on board and play like the big kids in a go-kart that is scaled down to their little hands and keeps the speeds under control. You will need to pull-start the 136cc engine that produces a modest, yet fun, 4 horsepower. Its rear-wheel drive gives them the feel of speed while the rack and pinion steering will have them navigating the bumps and dips of your yard with confidence. The adjustable throttle helps them to learn control without putting them at risk of a high-speed impact. This entry-level vehicle is perfect for introducing your kid to off-road adventures in an approachable and safe vehicle.

Present a Challenge for Your Pre-Teen

Once your 10-year old has outgrown their Torpedo, it’s time to take a look at the Hammerhead MudHead 208R. This two-seater is sized just right so they can bring a friend along while six available colors lets them match their ride to their personality. The amped-up 208cc 6.5 hp engine uses a key and electric start to get going which provides more independence for your youngster. They will learn more vehicle control with a transmission ready to go in reverse when they want to turn around without assistance. LED headlights and a horn are also included. The driver seat and throttle governor can be adjusted so the MudHead is able to grow with your child’s body and ability.

Power and Excitement for the Young Adults

When your teen turns 16, they are now ready for some real excitement in a more advaned, higher horsepower go-kart. The Hammerhead GTS 150 is the nation’s best-selling 150cc kart since it’s loaded with a pile of features without blowing out the bank account. A five-point harness keeps them secure while the adjustable bucket seat provides proper position for both safety and fun. The steering wheel can also be tweaked for a more comfortable driving position. The chunky tires are ready to tackle some serious mud while the fenders add extra protection when riding with friends. It has sporty wrap-around body panels, bright headlights for running at sunset, and a speedometer.

Platinum Power for the Older Kids

What about you? The Hammerhead GTS Platinum takes all the fun found on the 150 and gives it an added boost with nitro-shocks, styling aluminum wheels, and a 12-volt outlet to keep your phone powered up while out on the trail. Contrasting color provides pop to the roll cage, seats, and eye-catching body panels while its suspension is able to power over rugged trails. The rack on the back is perfect for packing your cooler and backpack for all-day fun at the motorsports park.

Roll Cages, Seat Belts, and Speed Control Protect Your Children

If you are concerned about the safety of your kids while they are karting, the entire Hammerhead line features three- or five-point harnesses to hold them safe in their seat. Roll cages protect heads, arms, and legs when things get physical and speed and throttle control features allow you to keep the brakes on the excitement until your child is experienced enough to put the pedal down while using good judgment.

If you are ready to take your family off-road with a Hammerhead Go-Kart, give us a click or call at Tousley Motorsports. We offer a complete selection of go-karts available in all sizes and styles and are able to ship anywhere in America. We look forward to helping you and your kids find the right go-kart for your budget and abilities.