The Perfect Gift: Hammerhead Go Karts for Sale at Tousley

If you’re waiting for the next adrenaline rush on four wheels, look no further than a Hammerhead Go Kart. From fun, basic go karts to more powerful vehicles for experienced riders, these go karts are a great way for the whole family to enjoy the outdoors togther.

Hammerhead Off-Road is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide of go karts and light utility vehicles. Their go karts have been getting kids big and small excited about off roading since 2003.  Last spring, Polaris Industries acquired Hammerhead Off-Road and, as a recognized Polaris dealer, we’re excited to be able to offer five 2015 Hammerhead Go Karts for sale at Tousley Motorsports.

Whether your kids are developing a growing interest in cars and other off-road vehicles or simply have want to enjoy four seasons of outdoor adventure, check out Hammerhead’s wide selection of go karts for a fun, outdoorsy gift they’re sure to love.

Hammerhead Go Karts for Sale at Tousley Motorsports:

1. Hammerhead MudHead 208R
(Ages 10+)

The MudHead 208R is designed for more experienced drivers, ages 10 and up. It’s 208cc LCT electric-start engine provides some extra giddy-up, and its manual choke, LED headlights, and ability to go in reverse make it a more diverse year-round model for budding riders. The Hammerhead MudHead 208R also comes with a canopy top to help protect against sub-optimal weather conditions and can be purchased in black, green and red.

2. Hammerhead GTS 150
(Ages 16+)

The GTS 150 model ranks as the nation’s best-selling 150cc go kart. The 515-pound go kart, designed for enthusiasts aged 16 and up, comes with an adjustable bucket seat, all wheel fenders, aggressive tires, and a built-in speedometer/odometer so you can track exactly how fast and far you’re traveling. The five-point harness seat belt helps kids stay safe, even when they’re pretending to be race car drivers. The Hammerhead GTS 150 comes in red, blue, black, orange and camo.

3. Hammerhead GTS Platinum
(Ages 16+)

The souped-up GTS Platinum incorporates everything that makes the GTS 150 so popular, along with advanced features like high-performance nitrogen gas shocks, and hydraulic disc brakes. It’s made for the toughest off road conditions, but also wows on the curb with its flashy brushed aluminum wheels. The GTS Platinum also comes standard with a digital speedometer and a 12-volt outlet.

4. Hammerhead GL 150
(Ages 16+)

The GL 150 go kart is lighter and more stripped-down than the GTS Platinum, but can still keep up with the deluxe models. It features an automatic transmission, front independent suspension and the same 150cc motor that is found in the GTS 150. Purchase your Hammerhead GL 150 with red or blue accent colors.

5. Hammerhead R-150
(Ages 16+)

Hammerhead’s most practical off-road vehicle is the R-150, the side by side utility vehicle that’s perfect for a fun family outing. The R-150 comes standard with a 250-pound dump bed, 500 pounds of towing capacity, turn signals, and a more spacious interior that will allow the whole gang to get in on the action. It even comes with a cup holder, just in case anyone wants to bring a drink along for the trip. The Hammerhead R-150 is perfect for adults and kids alike. Buy it in red, blue or black.

Go karts are a fun, unique way for you to re-connect with your family. For more information on these off road vehicles, stop by Tousley Motorsports today.