Can-Am Ryker: What to Expect

10 years ago, Can-Am introduced its first three-wheeled sensation, the Spyder. The success of the F3 and RT helped usher in a new road cycling concept that has gained momentum over the last decade.

Now Can-Am is back with its latest model, the Can-Am Ryker. Can-Am is already touting the three-wheeled cycle as more affordable, ridable, and versatile than its predecessors. What kind of performance and features can you expect from the Ryker? Let’s read below to find out more.

Key Features of the Can-Am Ryker

UFIT System

The next-gen UFIT system allows you to adjust your foot pegs, handlebars, and brakes to a more ergonomic and comfortable position. You can adjust the features quickly according to your height without using any tools.

Customizable Colors and Accessories

There are dozens of ways to customize your new Ryker. First, you can choose from popular colors such as Intense Black, Midnight Red, Immortal White, and Liquid Steel. You can also have lots of options including:

  • Seats & backrests
  • Cargo & storage
  • Wind protection
  • Handlebars
  • Lighting
  • Suspension
  • Electronics
  • Protectors
  • Covers

Rotax 600 ACE or Rotax 900 ACE Engine

The Can-Am Ryker gives you two choices for engines. You can go with the Rotax 600 ACE in-line 2-cylinder or the Rotax 900 ACE in-line 3-cylinder engine. The 600 generates 47 horsepower at 7300 rpm and 35 lb-ft of torque at 6200. The 900 can push 77 horsepower at 7100 rpm and 56 lb-ft of torque at 6300. Both engines will give you plenty of high performance, reliability, and superior gas mileage.

Optimized Center-of-Gravity

Can-am removed the rear-wheel belts to reposition the seat and give the Ryker a lower center of gravity. The seat sits 23.5 inches above the ground. The cycle also comes in at around 600 pounds, 300 pounds less than the Spyder F3. The redesign and weight trim give the operator more control with improved safety.

Automatic Transmission

Ryker’s aptly twist-and-go continuously variable transmission (CVT) allows newcomers to simply hit the throttle and enjoy a smooth transition up and down the gears. Riders can focus on the ride instead of adjusting the gearbox or messing with a clutch. The new transmission also provides a seamless performance and improves the cycle’s overall fuel efficiency.

4.5” Digital Display

The new fully digital gauge is equipped with the latest display technology to provide increased legibility. The display is bright and adjusts automatically according to the ambient light, even reducing glare in sunny conditions. Riders of all heights can clearly see all the information on the display, and the intuitive joystick lets you easily navigate through the menus and access information while maintaining your hands on the handlebar. With a few motions of the thumb, you toggle through the info, play your favorite songs from Bluetooth devices, and even check the weather.

Vehicle Stability System

Can-Am partnered with Bosch to develop the Vehicle Stability System (VSS) as a part of their safety package. It combines ABS, traction, and stability to give you a safe, more confident ride. The VSS is designed to keep you from flipping the cycle. How? If you power-throttle the cycle around corners or ride through rough terrain, VSS keeps the wheels from losing grip by reducing the power and applying the brakes.

Dual USB Plug

Can-Am has made it easy for riders to charge their electronics while driving by providing two USB plugs, offering plenty of power to charge your devices fast. Both plugs are easily accessible and adjustable to accommodate your device, or cover them with a safety cap that protects each plug while not in use.

Storage Space

The snub-nose glove box offers 1.85 gallons (7 liters) of cargo space so that you can store all of your belongings while on the go. For more storage space, you can also take advantage of accessories such as a MAX Mount rear rack, saddlebags, and a top case. There are plenty of options for maximizing your storage and taking your gear on the road.


The Ryker is more eco-friendly than earlier Can-Am models thanks to more durable, recycled materials. Can-Am also approached the Ryker with a more minimalist design and greater fuel efficiency. This makes it the most sustainable and green three-wheeler on the road today.

Can-Am Ryker Key Specs

  • Ground clearance: 4.0 in
  • Wheelbase: 67.3 in
  • Length: 92.6 in
  • Width: 59.4 in
  • Seat Height: 41.8 in

The Can-Am Ryker Leasing Program

Are you not ready to buy a Ryker just yet? No problem. You can take advantage of the Can-Am leasing program, available for all Can-Am on-road models. It’s a great way to experience a Can-Am with options to upgrade or purchase your favorite model at the end of your lease. Plus, when you choose to lease, you’re likely to experience lower monthly payments.

Visit Tousley Motorsports to Demo, Lease, or Purchase a Ryker

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