2016 Sea Doo GTI Review: Which Model is Right for You?

If you’re looking for an affordable, versatile personal watercraft, Sea Doo’s GTI series is full of great mid-priced models. Let’s take a look at the new 2016 Sea Doo GTI series.

About the 2016 Sea Doo GTI Series

The Sea Doo GTI series is designed to be a great personal watercraft for family fun. It’s powerful enough for tow sports, and has room for up to three riders at one time.

Every SeaDoo GTI personal watercraft comes with Intelligent Brake & Reverse (IBR) technology, which is the only true PWC brake on a watercraft and has been recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard for improving boating safety. The GTI series personal watercraft also have programable IControl Learning Keys that you can use to rein in younger riders by setting a maximum power level.

An advantage Sea Doo has over other PWC brands is how they cool the engine. Some personal watercraft take water directly from the lake, river or ocean you’re riding on, risking engine corrosion from murky water or salt. The Sea Doo GTI series prevents that problem with a Closed-Loop Cooling System (CLCS) that uses coolant to keep the engine at an optimal operating temperature.

If you’re considering a Sea Doo GTI personal watercraft, here’s a closer look at the four different options:

Sea Doo GTI 130 Review

The Sea Doo GTI 130 is the most affordable personal watercraft in the GTI series. It can sit up to three with a weight capacity of 600 pounds.

The GTI 130 is one of the few personal watercrafts on the market with an on-water braking system. (Most PWCs simply kill the engine to slow down.) As a result, the Sea Doo GTI can slow you down approximately 160-feet sooner than other models.

The GTI 130 also comes with a 30.8 gallon storage space in the front, which is perfect for packing gear, snacks or beverages for an afternoon on the water Plus, the HUB, which is the same on all the models, is easy to read, even when traveling at top speeds. As for the engine, you receive a displacement of 1,494 cc using the Rotax 1503 4-TEC engine.

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Sea Doo GTI SE 130 Review

When comparing price, there isn’t too much of a difference between the Sea Doo GTI SE 130 and the Sea Doo GTI 130. The GTI SE 130 also comes with three-person seating and a 600 pound weight capacity.

The major upgrade for the SE model is the addition of an ergonomic touring seat that makes long days on the water more comfortable and gives you the ability to have a rear-facing rider when towing.

The Sea Doo GTI SE 130 also comes with the addition of a side grip bar and reboarding step to make it easier to climb onto the PWC from in the water. If you enjoy towsports, swimming from your PWC or like riding on the edge, the reboarding step will make getting out of the water smoother.

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Sea Doo GTI SE 155 Review

As “North America’s best-selling family watercraft,” the Sea Doo GTI SE 155 takes the personal watercraft up another level. Like the other GTI models, the GTI SE 155 comes with seating for three and the on-water braking system. It also has the same touring seat and side handle bar as the GTI SE 130.

The GTI SE 155 comes upgraded with a VTS (Variable Trim System) so you can raise or lower the bow of the PWC while in motion. This lets you increase or decrease the amount of bounce the PWC has over waves, as well as increase handling while turning.

The GTI SE 155 alsohas a High-Tech Hub that lets you switch between Touring, Sport and Eco driving modes, as well as monitoring fuel consumption, alerting you not only to how much remains in the vehicle, but also your average fuel consumption.

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2016 Sea Doo GTI Limited 155 Review

The Sea Doo GTI Limited 155 is the top of the line model for the GTI series. It comes with a high-performance electric VTS that you can pre-program to adjust the trim of the PWC to maximize acceleration and increase stability at high speeds.

The GTI Limited 155’s HUB has been upgraded with Cruise Control, as well as a fuel gauge that displays time/distance to empty.

The Sea Doo GTI Limited 155 also comes with extra accessories for the personal watercraft, such as a removable dry storage bag, safety kit and a watercraft cover. It also has options to personalize the PWC with a custom color, and to add a retractable ski pylon, wakeboard rack, depth finder, front storage tray, sandbag anchor or bilge pump kit.

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If you’re looking to buy a personal watercraft for next summer, the Sea Doo GTI series has four versatile and affordable options for the family. Stop by Tousley Motorsports, an official Sea Doo dealer, to take a look at the new 2016 models.