2016 Polaris Switchback Review

The Polaris Switchback is a versatile machine designed to cruise over snowbanks and powerfully cut through fresh snow.

Our Review of the 2016 Polaris Switchback

The Polaris Switchback comes standard with Polaris’ new AXYS chassis. Polaris first introduced the AXYS chassis in their 2015 models. Designed to improve handling, the AXYS chassis keeps the sled balanced, offering more control to the rider whether you’re cutting through deep powder, speeding down groomed trails or rocketing around corners.


In addition to the new AXYS chassis, the Switchback includes a Rider Balanced positioning system that keeps the rider’s body directly in the middle of the snowmobile frame.

The angular design of the seat puts the rider’s body at slight diagonal in relation to the handlebars, which helps to ensure equal weight distribution. As a result, the frame does not tip forward when cutting through snow and it stays flatter while making turns.

Our test team found the new Polaris AXYS models are the best handling sleds in the biz. The ability to rail through the corners with such confidence and maintain such light steering effort was truly amazing.
– SnowTech Magazine

This new AXYS chassis also gives the Switchback a smoother ride, cutting down on the feeling that you’re driving over the rumble pads on the side of the highway.

An Upgraded Engine

The Switchback’s 800 Pro Cleanfire H.O. Engine features a built-in thermostat that warms the sled up to the necessary operating temperature 40% faster. If you’ve ever driven a slightly older snowmobile, you probably understand the pain of waiting for the engine to warm up in cold weather. With the Switchback, you’re ready to go in just a couple minutes.

The Polaris Switchback also offers one of the best acceleration features of any snowmobile currently on the market. This way, you don’t have a lull, followed by a sudden jolt as the power finally kicks in. The high-efficiency intake brings in a steady airflow to keep the engine burning while also pushing out the exhaust so your engine remains clean.

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