10 Reasons Buying a Used Harley-Davidson Motorcycle is a Better Investment Than a New One

While shopping for the best bike that fits you and your budget is enjoyable, purchasing a used Harley-Davidson has many other advantages that will make you wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Here are just a few of the benefits of purchasing a used Harley-Davidson motorcycle:

Aftermarket Parts

One of the joys of being a bike owner is improving the details with aftermarket parts. In many instances, used rides give you a head start on bike enhancements and customizations, since the previous owner may have installed premium parts and designs. Many Harley customers are looking for a specific type of bike that may not have those features or the same feel as the new models.

Classic Harleys

Harley-Davidson’s Classic bikes have always been a popular choice, and you can only buy them used. Although they will not have the same technology as modern bikes, retro styles are still a very popular option. Why not treat yourself to an original at an affordable price rather than a look-alike?

Depreciation & Re-Sell Value

Just like a new car, a new bike depreciates the second the papers are signed and you drive it off the lot. However, Harleys tend to retain a high resell value. Therefore, by buying used, you can get a beautiful bike that will resell at a high value, should you ever decide to sell your used Harley.


Harley-Davidson bikes are some of the most reliable and best built in the world. Therefore, if you find a solid, clean bike that was manufactured only a few years ago, you will get considerable savings with almost no decrease in reliability.


Harley’s were designed for rough and tough use. Motorcycle engines actually perform better when the bike is kept in good conditions, while still having some mileage under its belt. Sometimes you can find a steal with a little use for an excellent price.

Mechanical Quirks

If there are any quirks that need to be worked out of newer models they have likely been taken care of by the time you buy the bike. Just make sure you’re purchasing it from a trusted retailer. This includes breaking the bike in, any potential recalls that may occur or minor adjustments that need to be made post-sale.


Since it is used, you will definitely pay less than purchasing a new model. Save the money to use towards customizations or purchase new gear to go with your sweet ride.


In colder areas of the country like Minnesota, bikes are not used year-round due to weather and road conditions. Therefore, it’s easy to find a reputable, low-mileage Harley motorcycles at an affordable price. These bikes have many trouble-free miles left in the tank.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles continue to be some of the most well-engineered, well-crafted and high-quality machines in the world, and a used Harley is no exception. Besides, it’s always fun to shop for a used bike. So get out there, and find your dream ride!